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An image showing an example of flipover books displayed on different devices to give an example of Paperturn's responsiveness.

responsive across all devices

Paperturn’s HTML5 technology means that your flipbook will open instantly and look great in all browsers and devices, regardless of screen size. Learn more about responsive flipbooks here.


your brand in focus

Solidify your branding by adding your company logo and having your own domain name in your flipbook’s URL - making your flipbooks look like they were custom-built.



An image showing that users can customize the domain and logo of their flipbook.


powerful editor

Paperturn’s editor is equipped to help you easily enrich your flipbook with hyperlinks, videos, images and your own colour palette - all in one place.

An image showing the different features of the Paperturn editor that that can be used to improve flipbooks.

Share on Social media

Share your flipbook on social media with just a few clicks to an unlimited amount of viewers. Viewers can instantly open your flipbook without any upload or download time. 

An image showing an example of how you can share a flipbook on social media.


Embed your flipbook

Embed your real, page-fIipping publication directly onto your website with a short piece of code or insert it into your email signature so clients can see your flipbook every time you send an email.



the overwrite function

Easily update and make changes to your flipbook, or a page within your flipbook while maintaining the same link you previously shared to your network - an excellent solution for publications that change on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Learn more about the overwrite function.


An image showing that you can overwrite a flipbook with an updated version.


An image with a graphic representation of different security features that can be used to protect flipbooks.


Have complete control over your flipbook’s privacy with our privacy options. You can enable or disable the print/share/download or search engine indexing functions. You can also protect your flipbook with a username & password or via IP-whitelisting.



The flipbook shopping cart

With Paperturn’s shopping cart feature, your shoppers can shop and order products directly within your flipbook! They can also create wish lists to send to friends and family for gift ideas for all occasions. Learn more about the shopping cart function.
An image with a graphical representation of the shopping cart features.

An image with a graphical representation reflecting the types of statistical data that can be collected from a flipbook.

performance Statistics

Use Paperturn’s statistics or Google Analytics 4 integration to analyse your flipbook’s performance - giving you the opportunity to objectively measure your marketing investment & adjust your content curation. Learn more about statistics options here.



Generate new, valuable leads within your flipbook with features like our lead capture form - enabling you to collect & download users’ information and easily export it to your CRM or email marketing system.


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An image of a flipbook on a mobile phone displaying a lead capture form that readers must fill out to access the full flipbook.


When using Paperturn's system, your flipbooks are 100% accessible for users with disabilities and compliant with all major worldwide disability legislation including the WCAG 2.1 at the AA level, US Section 508, ADA Title III & more.

An image showing the different options that are possible with our accessibility feature.

Even more great 

flipbook features...




Paperturn has no page upload limitations and offers you up to 512MB in file size to support all of your flipbook needs.


Available in more than 14 languages, the user-friendly viewer is specifically designed to satisfy your international audience’s linguistic needs. 


By using our search engine optimisation (SEO) feature, you can make it easier for Google and other search engines to find your flipbook online - increasing your click-through rate and online traffic.




With Paperturn’s search function, it’s easy for your readers to search for words or phrases in your flipbook; satisfying the customers’ “I want it now” attitude and making your flipbooks customer-centric.



Both you and your viewers can save your online flipbooks as favicons to your tablet or phone's home screens  - for super easy access. 



Paperturn’s API gateway feature enables you to search through all your publications directly from your website and always shows your newest publication to your visitors.

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