Flipbook features

With Paperturn you will get the best out of your pdf-file

Embed your flipbook into your website

Insert your flipbook directly into your website, or insert a link with an image to your flipbook.
The Paperturn system will automatically generate an image to a size of your choice.
Read more about embedding your online flipbook here


Search Optimized for Google

Your flipbook will be search optimized for Google and other search engines.

You can customize titles, keywords, descriptions and more to help your flipbook rank better on Google.
Read more about Flipbook SEO

Google optimized



Share your flipbook on facebook

Share your Paperturn flipbook on social media with a few clicks.

Deep link to a specific page in your flipbook and share it on Facebook.

Read more about sharing on social media


Multiple language support

The Paperturn flipbook viewer supports multiple languages. English, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and others.

Multiple language support


Reupload PDF

Overwrite your flipbook without loosing videos and links

Upload a new version of your PDF file and overwrite an existing flipbook. It’s very useful if you have updated your catalogue or magazine and it is so easy.



To keep track of your viewers and get the best statistics for your flipbook, we recommend using Google Analytics.
The Paperturn system also has a built in statistics that show how many visits your publication has per day.

Read more about flipbook and statistics



Custom flipbook viewer color

Customize your flipbook viewer

You can change the colours in the Paperturn viewer to match your brand and the specific flipbook.
See how easy it is to change your colours.

Read more about customizing your flipbook viewer


Use your flipbook in e-mail signaturing

Add an image preview/link to your e-mail signature.
Paperturn automatically generates an image in the size that you prefer. Furthermore, a link to the flipbook is sent to your e-mail right after the conversion of your PDF file. You can also get the link from your flipbook settings.
See example: How to insert flipbook in your e-mail signature

Embed flipbook in email


Insert links in flipbook

Insert links

Internal links are used to link to pages within the flipbook.
External links are needed to link to another website.

Read more about links in your flipbook


Insert Extra pictures

All images in your pdf will automatically be visible in your online flipbook.

You can insert additional images into your flipbook with Paperturn's editor.
See our guide: How to insert an image into your flipbook

Insert pictures in flipbook


Insert youtube in flipbook

Youtube Videos

You can insert one or more YouTube videos directly into your flipbook.
It also works on mobiles and tablets.

How to insert a video in your flipbook


Paperturn API

With Paperturn's API gateway, you can search through all your publications directly from your website.

Read more about Paperturn API

Paperturn API


Private flipbook

Private flipbook

You can set your flipbook to be either public or private.
A protected flipbook can be accessed by using username and password or by whitelisting an IP address.

Read more about protecting your flipbook


Flipbook with customized domain name

If you want to use your own domain name instead of Paperturn’s domain name for the URLs, specify a CName.

Check our guide to see how to set up your own domain name

Your own domain

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