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Paperturn makes it easy for businesses to create, customise, and share professional catalogues. With our user-friendly software, Paperturn simplifies the process of organising and updating product information, ensuring that your catalogues are always accurate and engaging.



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Core Features Enhancing Your Product Catalogue

Discover some of our core features that help with your catalogue management and will improve your visuals:

Branding Options

Tailor your catalogue's brand identity by incorporating your own logo and configuring a custom CNAME.

Internal / External Linking

Enhance your catalogue's navigation and provide readers with additional information by including hyperlinks

Overwrite Feature

Easily change product information or add new products to your catalogue with our overwrite feature. Updating has never been easier!

Website Embed

Integrate your catalogue into your website and showcase your products in an appealing and interactive way!

Search Engine Optimisation

Your catalogue can easily be found and ranked by search engines like Google! All you need to do is use our SEO feature and add metadata.

Sharing Options

Show your catalogue and your products to all interested parties via social media and discover the benefits of social commerce.

Extra Feature Improving Your Catalogue Management Process

Maximise the potential of your catalogues with these additional features:



With Paperturn, your catalogues are 100% responsive. This means that they can be opened and viewed from any device and browser.



Collect valuable information about your catalogue's performance with our built-in statistics or the Google Analytics 4 integration.

Email Sharing


Share your catalogue as a preview image with a link via email! You can embed it into your email signature and always share it when sending an email.

Privacy Protection


You want your catalogue only to be viewed by certain people? You can limit access by setting a username and password or using IP whitelisting.

You can use many other features to improve your catalogue management!

Paperturn is a worldwide trusted catalogue management software.


Get the Best out of our Catalogue Management Software

Benefit from even more features and functionalities to get the best out of your catalogues!

Shopping Cart Icon

 Shopping Cart

Enable your readers to shop directly from your product catalogue by activating the shopping cart. Customise the order form and personalise the confirmation message and email. Create a shopping experience that is not only unique but unforgettable.
Sustainability Icon

Be Sustainable

By choosing an online product catalogue over a printed one you're not only saving costs but are doing something for the environment at the same time. Since your catalogues don't need to be printed or distributed using transportation you save emissions.

Ad Banner Icon

Advertising Banner

When editing your catalogue with Paperturn you'll see an empty intro page. This is what we call the advertising banner. You can use it to advertise new arrivals, collaborate with other companies and do whatever comes to your mind! You can even embed appealing videos introducing your company.


Lead Form Icon

Lead Capture Form

Gather direct leads from people viewing your catalogue by activating the lead capture form. You decide which contact information readers should give to you. Later, you can use those in marketing to create a new email marketing campaign or give them directly to your sales team.

Customer Support Icon

Human Customer Support

Sometimes it can be difficult to deal with new software and all its features - we know that. Our customer support team is available 7 days a week via chat, email and phone. We are not using any chatbots and you don't need to worry about us getting back to you - you won't have to wait long!

Accessibility Icon

100 % Accessible

When designed with Paperturn, your catalogues will be fully accessible. Everyone, no matter their disabilities, will be able to open and view your catalogue. We are WCAG 2.1 compliant. Through our disability interface tool and our background-powered AI application, we achieve this compliance.



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