How to insert YouTube / Vimeo videos into your flipbook

Insert videos in your online flipbooks to showcase products & services, venues, processes and more.


Before you can add a video to your PDF flipbook, you must first upload it onto YouTube / Vimeo. If your video is stored elsewhere, you can use the iFrame Widget to insert it into your flipbook.


Once this is complete, follow the steps below: 






STEP 1: Click "LINKS/VIDEO & SEO" on the toolbar to enter the Editor.

Screenshot showing the user where to click on the Paperturn dashboard.


STEP 2: Choose the page you want to add your video to and click the “LINKS & VIDEOS" button

Screenshot showing the user to choose a page from the pagelist, and then click the links and video b


STEP 3: Insert the video's web address (URL) into the designated field and select your preferred options.

Screenshot showing the user to choose YouTube or Vimeo, and then fill out the options.



Show Controls: Check this box to enable video and sound controls for your viewers. If unchecked, your viewers can only pause/resume or redirect to YouTube.

Autoplay: Check this box if you want the video to start playing automatically when the viewer reaches the page where the video is embedded. No need to press the play button!* (see below for limitations)
Mute: Check this box to start playing the video without sound. Note: This option will automatically be selected with autoplay.*
Loop: Check this box to automatically replay your video again after it finishes.
Start At: When you check this box, you can choose to start your video at a specific time. For example, entering 00:05 will start playing your video at 00:05 seconds into your video.

STEP 4: Move and scale the video to the preferred location and size.


STEP 5:  Click “Save Changes” and exit the editor.


You can now open your flipbook and have a look at the Video you just added!


Click on the flipbook below to see this feature in action: 

Example of Publication with a video - NFON


*Technical limitations with autoplay

Chrome and iOS policies prevent the videos from autoplaying. Unlike iOS, which has no workaround for this limitation, Chrome allows the videos to autoplay if the video is muted. For this reason, the Mute option is checked by default, and it can't be unchecked.


In relation to the autoplay of videos on a mobile device, all videos are presented in a pop-up format for optimal viewing experience. This requires the viewer to click to start the video and therefore autoplay is not “technically” available in this format.





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