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Increase your marketing outreach by sharing your flipbook on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and more.


Social media sharing



A few of the big benefits of sharing your flipbook on social media:


Big Savings: Cut printing and distribution costs by transforming your PDFs into digital flipbooks which can be shared on social media networks for free with only one click - no upload or download time required!


Huge Outreach: Share on social media and distribute your content to a wider audience ...2.5 billion-wide to be exact. Inexpensive, simplified, effective advertising!


Deep Linking: With our deep linking feature, you can drive attention to a specific page in your flipbook, automatically redirecting your readers to that page when they open your flipbook. This feature is perfect to highlight specific content within your flipbook (like a checkout page or specific itinerary).


Viral Marketing: Let your viewers act as ambassadors for your brand by further sharing your flipbook on SoMe channels - effectively creating a free viral marketing strategy for your brand!


Visit our guide and learn how to share your flipbook on social media platforms step by step.


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