An online flipbook transforms the otherwise very static and "boring" PDF into an interactive publication full of smart features. 





Here are 8 benefits of using a digital flipbook:


1. Easy to use 

2. Responsive across all devices

3. Supports YouTube and Vimeo videos

4. Improved visual appearance of your PDF files

5. Easy to share

6. Security options

7. SEO optimization capability

8. Insightful marketing statistics



Flipbooks are easy to use

Flipbooks take less than 30 seconds to create. You simply upload your PDF, wait for the transformation and voila! Our HTML5 flipbooks can easily be edited: change the colors, add your logo, insert videos/pictures/links, embed on your website, add to your email signature and so much more. Our user-friendly system is easy to use, even for the technologically challenged! View our "getting started" guide for more information.


Flipbooks are responsive across all devices
Paperturn’s flipbook system uses HTML5 technology - making your flipbooks accessible and responsive across all devices (especially important when your readers view your flipbook on their phone). Readers can zoom in on the smallest picture detail or search for words to find their content of interest quickly.


Flipbooks support YouTube / Vimeo videos

Unlike a PDF, with our flipbook system, you can easily embed videos directly into your flipbook to provide additional information or to showcase a particular product, service or complex procedure.  Videos are proven to improve retention and saleability. Read more here


Flipbooks improve the visual appearance of your PDF files

Paperturn’s flipbook system offers multiple design options that would increase the visual appearance of your publications. You can insert beautiful pictures and customize the viewer to create eye-catching and impactful designs.  A variety of formats and sizes are supported by Paperturn to ensure even the quirkiest of file sizes transform beautifully into flipbooks. To top it off, there are no page limitations! Click here to read more about the customizable design options.


Flipbooks are easy to share

Using flipbooks significantly reduces marketing and advertising costs. With flipbooks there are no print or distribution costs and changes to the publication can be implemented at any time.  Flipbooks are the ultimate low-cost advertising solution that helps your business stay relevant. You can instantly share your flipbook via a simple link on social media or in an email. No upload or download time needed. Read more about sharing your flipbook here


Flipbooks have sophisticated built-in security options

Paperturn’s flipbook offers numerous security and protection features that enable you to decide who can view, share and download your digital publication. You can create password-protected flipbooks, restrict access to your flipbook to people only inside of your workplace (IP-Whitelisting) and enable/disable share/print options. Read more about privacy here.


Flipbooks are SEO optimized

Our flipbooks have rock-solid SEO optimization built-in to increase your views, indexing and overall popularity online. You can customize page titles, keywords, descriptions & more to help your flipbooks be top performers and rank higher in Google searches! Learn more about the SEO feature.


Flipbooks give you insightful marketing statistics

You have 2 statistics options with our flipbooks: use our built-in statistics function or integrate your Google Analytics 4 account. Either way, you'll have insightful data on your readers to adjust your marketing efforts - the source of how they came to see your brochure, their demographics, number of views, device + more. Read more about statistics here.


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