Flipbooks come in many formats and designs. Here are some different versions made with Paperturn's flipbook software.


The examples below all have the basic setup with standard colors. You can decide to change these or make Paperturn Color Picker help you. You can also decide if you want to give the visitors of your flipbook the opportunity to download the catalog as a PDF.



Example of a flipbook with YouTube video

On page 2 in the example below, a YouTube video is embedded. You can make the video start by itself or make the user click in order to start it. It's all in your settings.


Step 1     Example of flipbook with YouTube video - NFON BROCHURE




Example of a flipbook with a picture as a background

Below is an example where a picture is set as the background. The user also made the logo visible on the front page by inserting it in the upper right corner. This is a very good way of making the readers notice your logo and recognize it right away.

Step 2    Example of flipbook with a picture as a backgroundG - CKRUEGER'S



Example of a flipbook with gradient bar/background

In the example below, the user has picked gradient colors in the bar/background. The user decided that the colors in the brochure needed to match the company's logo. The Paperturn Color Picker will help you in that process.


Step 3     Example of flipbook with a gradient background - HERITAGE STORIES

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