An online flipbook transforms the otherwise very static and "boring" PDF into a more vibrant universe. An online flipbook converts your PDF file into a more unique experience. 


Interactive flipbook

We live in a digital world, where being "online" is not only the present and the future, but is simply a "must" for both large and small companies. Almost all companies have by now a website where you can read large and small around the individual company. The question is whether this is enough. 

"The zapping culture" has been upon us as a society for many years now. This also applies to us humans as consumers. Our information-hungry society has secured an almost inexhaustible access to information online. The Internet is the land of opportunity - especially if you know what to look for. This land of opportunity works both ways for consumers and businesses. The challenge for companies is, however, that we as consumers quickly get bored, because we know and have become accustomed to the fact that there are plenty of alternatives. So, like watching television, we are quick to change the channel if we do not immediately get hooked by what we see before us. So as a company how do you stand out from the crowd in the digital universe? The answer is not simple or unique, but if you give your website a more vibrant look that can hold the visitor's interest, you've come far in the process. Here comes the online flipbook into the picture and into its own. 
In addition to the features mentioned in the previous section and the ability to make PDF files "vivid and dynamic", the advantage of an online flipbook is evidently that it is a cheap and relatively easy way to stand out from the crowd. Generally, very, very large amounts of money are spent on marketing by companies. Despite the high costs often associated with marketing, the effect is not always proportional to the amount spent on advertising. It's hard to stand out from the crowd and give yourself and your own product a unique experience in the consumer's mind. Here a flipbook offers a golden opportunity to stand out and make yourself unique, and without the cost of it running completely out of hand. 

More things you can do with a flipbook

Today there are many fine programs that can transform your PDF file into an online flipbook. Paperturn is an example of this. Here, you have a lot of options once you as a company have made a PDF file. 
You yourself design the look of the flipbook once the PDF file is uploaded as a flipbook. You should still edit the content of the PDF file as a non-converted PDF, but otherwise you're free to do what you desire in the flipbook. Features that make the difference between a PDF and an online flipbook include: 

  • You avoid unwanted advertisements in your publications.
  • Optimize your flipbook for search engines (SEO).
  • Insert links in your PDF.
  • Insert videos and images in your PDF.
  • No restrictions on the publication's number of pages.
  • You can share your catalog on social media.
  • The publication can be read in several languages.
  • Statistics on your flipbook.
  • Automatic back-ups and updates.
  • Customise bar and background colours using Paperturn Colour Picker.

    Read more about flipbook features.

The best way to share your converted PDF on social media

It's so easy to share the flipbook on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. When you have converted your PDF file into a flipbook, you will get a link pointing to the flipbook. That makes it easy, when you want to share your publication on social media.

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