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Get more traffic to your website and increase your flipbook’s organic search ranking by using our search engine optimisation (SEO) feature.

Flipbook search engine optimization 


Paperturn’s flipbook system is built and designed to give your flipbooks a supercharged SEO boost - helping search engines like Google and Bing find and show your content high up on their search engine result pages.

You can increase the SEO optimisation of your flipbooks even further by using our SEO optimisation feature included with our Paperturn Pro subscription.


Our SEO optimisation feature includes:


  • Ability to add META keywords, META titles and descriptions for your entire flipbook.

  • Ability to SEO optimise individual pages within your flipbook by adding page-specific META keywords, META titles and descriptions.

  • Ability to create a custom domain name in the URL that matches your flipbook’s content to impact the way search engines crawl your flipbook and increase its relevancy.


Visit our guide and learn more about how to search engine optimise your flipbooks.


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