Advanced Flipbook Statistics

Performance statistics


The greatest benefit of a flipbook over a traditional PDF is the opportunity to collect and measure valuable statistics about your flipbook viewers and your flipbook’s content - giving you the opportunity to objectively measure your marketing investment & content curation.

With Paperturn, you have 2 options regarding statistics on your flipbooks:


1. Paperturn’s Built-in Statistics

Use Paperturn’s built- in statistics to gain simplified but insightful information on your readers and the source of how they came to view your flipbook. Get real-time data about the number of views, downloads and your readers’ device, operating system and more.


2. Google Analytics Integration

For more advanced statistical data, you can integrate your flipbooks with your Google Analytics account. With Paperturn you have the option to:

  • Set up Google Analytics tracking on all of your flipbooks combined

  • Set up Google Analytics tracking per individual flipbook

Visit our guides to learn more about our built-in statistics and how to integrate Google Analytics on your Paperturn account or a specific flipbook.


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