Design and brand your flipbook

Branded flipbooks


Design builds credibility and brand recognition by creating a consistent visual language for your business. Paperturn’s flipbook system offers extensive customisation options for your flipbooks; allowing you to control their appearance and functionality and helping you create a powerful online identity for your business.

Our extensive customisation tools allow you to control:

  • Your flipbook’s visual appearance & colours

  • Your flipbook’s logo(s)

  • Your flipbook’s URL

  • Your flipbook’s viewer language

Visual Appearance & Colours

Help your readers easily recognise your brand by customising your flipbook viewer’s colours to match your company colour palette. You can customise the global colours on your account, or customise each flipbook individually, based on your needs. You can also adjust the size & resolution of your flipbook when embedding into your website - for a perfect fit!

Flipbook Logo(s)

Increase your brand recognition further by adding your company logo to your flipbooks; or, add individual logos to individual flipbooks - perfect if you’re managing multiple accounts and desire unique branding per flipbook.

Customizing the Flipbook’s URL

Use your own domain name in your flipbook’s URL instead of sharing the Paperturn URL with your customers. Having your own branded URL for your flipbooks is very important for companies for multiple reasons:

  • When sharing your flipbook’s link, you will send traffic to your own website, rather than ours (which is good for SEO)

  • Your flipbooks will look custom-built

  • Your customers will not make any brand associations between us and you - you take all the credit!

Changing the Flipbook Viewer Language

If you’re publishing your flipbook in a foreign language and sharing it with international clients, you can adjust the language in your flipbook viewer to match! Our flipbook viewer is available in more than 14 major languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese etc.).

Visit our guide to learn more about customising your flipbook.


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