E-book Converter

The E-book Converter developed by Paperturn allows you to transform your PDF files into e-books within few minutes.
The Paperturn E-book Converter not only easily converts your PDF files into e-books – it offers several special features such as our "flip page turn" effect.



PDF to Ebook Converter

No downloading is required, as the Ebook Converter runs online.  If you have a PDF file ready, results can be achieved right now.

An enhanced Ebook experience

Paperturn's flipbook is an enhanced e-book experienceOften the term Ebook is used very loosely, and of course any collection of pages that has been put together digitally can, strictly speaking, be classified an "Ebook".  
The Ebook Converter by Paperturn offers so much more than a collection of digital pages.  It has been designed not only for ease of use, but to enhance your Ebook reader’s experience. 
The Ebook Converter presents the pages of your Ebook clearly in a viewer where the pages are "turned" by fluid movements when the reader is "flipping" through the Ebook, making it look and feel more like a real book. 


Online awareness

The Paperturn Ebook Converter has been designed to enhance online awareness of your Ebook. During the Paperturn PDF conversion process, the foundation is created for achieving optimal placings on Google.  Certain search engine optimization keywords have been employed, and your converted Ebook and its individual pages can easily be found by Google - therefore, your Ebook will achieve optimal placings during Google searches.
If you want to go a step further with the Paperturn Ebook Converter, you have the option to manually adjust the search engine optimization in the settings of the Ebook Converter .

Social media

Your Paperturn flipbook can be shared on social mediasThe Paperturn Ebook Converter viewer has been designed to contain integrated features which allow the sharing of your Ebook on social media. Your Ebook readers can easily share your Ebook as a whole or they can share individual pages. Consequently, when your reader discovers a good point in your Ebook, they can share it directly to social media, thereby raising the profile of your Ebook.
If you prefer not to have your work shared using the above mentioned options, it is possible to adjust the settings of your Ebook to reflect this (Learn how to share on social media).




A non-public option

Using the settings in the Ebook Converter, you can make your Ebook inaccessible to the public. For instance, it is possible to choose a solution where only those with a username and a password are allowed to read your Ebook.

Public and non-public combinations

The Paperturn Ebook Converter also allows you to combine a public solution with a non-public solution. For instance, you could choose to have a public solution for only a few chapters of your Ebook and also have a private solution with the complete Ebook that would only be accessible to those with a username and a password.
This combination is very easily achieved by creating two slots in your Ebook Converter.  One of them should contain the public version, and the other one should contain the private version.


Converting PDF to Ebook

The Paperturn Ebook Converter runs automatically; when you upload your PDF the Ebook Converter automatically transforms your PDF file into an Ebook. This means that you don't have to go through an intricate process with a lot of mandatory adjustments, however, if you do want to customize your Ebook, this is possible too; just use the settings in the Ebook Converter.
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