Paperturn Payment and Subscription FAQ


What does 1 flipbook in the price list mean?

1 Flipbook subscription allows you to only use 1 online flipbook (it is not one flipbook per month). You are able to delete that brochure and add a new one; otherwise, overwrite that flipbook and keep the same link. If you need to use more flipbooks at the same time, you need to purchase more on the pricelist dropdown menu. You can always upgrade or downgrade the number of flipbooks/subscription type later on if needed. Click here to add more flipbooks.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by

  • Credit card

  • PayPal

  • Direct Transfer - We accept/deny these cases on an individual basis. Please send an email to with your request and we will respond to you within 24 hours.


What happens if I do not pay my subscription? 

Your publications will be deactivated; however, you still have the opportunity to log in and update your payment info to reactivate your account.


What is your refund policy?

Refunds are honored for yearly payments up to 3 days after payment has been taken with a penalty of 2 month's payment for administration and accounting fees. 


Refunds are not honored for monthly payments. 


Our accountant would like to be included on invoice notifications. Are you able to add another email address to the billing account?

Yes, you can. In your profile, go to "Billing Information" and then "Billing Address". Within that section, you are able to add additional emails for billing purposes.

How can I insert my VAT number for tax purposes?

Did you insert your VAT no. when you created your account?
If not, sign in to your profile and visit the"Billing Information" tab. Under "Billing Address" you will find the field "VAT NUMBER". Insert your VAT number there, and ensure to remember your country code in front of the numbers (ex. UK387367992).

We have been charged 25% VAT and we are inside the EU?

Did you remember to insert your VAT no. when you created your account? 

If no please go to "Billing Information" and "Billing Adress". Look for "VAT NUMBER" and insert it here.


Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

Yes, you do. You can either choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. 

Remember: You can always downgrade/upgrade your subscription type later on if needed.

How do I terminate my account?

After you log in to your account, go to "Account Settings" and then click "Terminate Account".


You may terminate your agreement at any time; however, any money already paid will be non-refundable, as your Paperturn account will continue until the end of the paid period. Nevertheless, you will receive no further bills subsequent to this.


What happens when I terminate my subscription?

When you terminate your subscription, you are canceling the automatic payments from your account. Your publications will stay online until the expiration date of your paid subscription. This means that you will not receive a pro-rated refund. After that, all of your info will be deleted.


Can I upgrade to another plan later on?

Yes, you can. Upgrading to a more expensive plan will result in a pro-rated charge, according to the cost of your new plan.


What do the new RBI (Reserve Bank of India) mandates mean for my subscription?

In response to RBI's new mandates, we have 2 solutions: 

1) Continue with your monthly subscription (if applicable). If you experience a decline on your credit card, you must ensure login to Paperturn and manually re-authorize your subscription payment to reactivate your subscription & flipbooks. 

2) Upgrade to an annual subscription. With this solution, you can avoid manually logging into your account on a monthly basis to re-authorize your subscription. It also ensures that your Paperturn flipbooks will remain active and uninterrupted throughout the course of the year. 



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