Turn your annual report into a flipbook


Your existing annual report can be transformed into an online flipbook of particularly high quality, which stands out from the annual reports of the competitors, and which signals professionalism and surplus.

Your company will be assessed - also on form

Among those who look for your annual report there will be stakeholders making critical decisions about your company. For that reason it is crucial to have your annual report presented exceptionally well - better than your competitors.

Let the annual report appear clear, stylish and exclusive, and let it be pleasant to use, so that the stakeholders will get a great experience. Paperturn has developed a system which enables that. 


Your annual report as an exclusive, online flipbook

With Paperturn, your annual report can be transformed into a flipbook, by which users online can flip through your annual report. Thus you will attain a clear and and professional representation, which is out of the ordinary.


Paperturn facilitates the visibility of your flipbook

The system that Paperturn has developed to make flipbooks facilitates that your flipbook becomes prominently placed in Google, so that it (optimally) is the new flipbook that is found by your stakeholders when they are searching for your annual report.


Any smartphone or tablet of your stakeholders will show your annual report

After the transformation with Paperturn, your annual report can be shown on any platform (smartphones, tablets and so on) - as opposed to your printed annual report.



In a few minutes, your annual report is converted into a flipbook

All you need to create a flipbook is the PDF file with your annual report. The conversion runs automatically - therefore it is not necessary for you to develop your flipbook manually.

After the conversion you can immediately share your flipbook on your website, your social media pages, by e-mail and so on.



Do not choose an unprofessional flipbook

Flipbooks are popular for presentation of annual reports, but many flipbook suppliers place ads for other companies inside the flipbooks, whereby the content ends up appearing unprofessional. That is not the case with Paperturn - you are ensured a professional flipbook.