Product updates

IP-Whitelisting Options Added


For additional flexibility and security within IP-whitelisting, you can now enter a combination of specific IPs, wildcard ranges and set ranges to whitelist.

7 New Languages For Flipbook Viewer


We have just added 7 new languages to your flipbook viewer: Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (both European and South American) and Bulgarian.

When your viewers open the flipbook, they will see their language displayed in the menu items. To change the flipbook viewer language visit the "edit" section of the flipbook and choose "flipbook viewer language".

Download Statistic Added


We’ve added a statistic to your built-in flipbook statistics that shows you how many times your viewers downloaded your flipbook as a PDF. The more statistical insights, the better - right?



We thought it was time for a little brush up! We’ve had our front page re-designed as well as our contact page and “getting started guide”. We have also created example / inspiration pages which showcase what you can do with your flipbooks as well as highlight some great client flipbook examples. You can find those pages in the website’s header under the tab “examples”.

Embed Center Alignment


We have updated our embed system so that anytime you embed your flipbooks onto your website, the flipbook viewer will automatically center align, for a more aesthetically pleasing viewer experience.

*Note - if you have content on your intropage (the page before your publication's front page), the embedded flipbook will not automatically center align.

Polish Language Viewer


Paperturn's flipbook viewer is now available in the Polish language.

More statistics!


We’ve added a whole host of useful statistics - specific to each publication you upload - to inform you about who is viewing your publication and how they view it. We have insightful information regarding traffic source (did users arrive at your publication through SoMe, your website or a shared link?), audience (where in the world are viewers looking at your publication from?), device (was your publication viewed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop?) and finally which browser was used to view your publication (chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer?). We know that the secret to successful marketing is to identify the target market accurately and to adjust marketing efforts based on the data provided. Happy hunting!

Flipbook visual quality update


We have just released an exciting new update that provides you with even sharper, crystal clear clarity on your text and images within your flipbooks - even when zoomed out or in “view mode”. Impress your clients and earn new business with the highest quality clarity and sharpness currently on the digital flipbook market!

*Note: This update will only take effect with newly uploaded flipbooks. For existing flipbooks, you must re-upload/overwrite the existing flipbook for the changes to take effect.