Product updates

New video pop-up feature!


Introducing our new pop-up video feature, designed to enhance your readers' experience through focused, interactive engagement.
Now you can effortlessly create a Pop-up that opens your YouTube and Vimeo videos within your flipbooks, keeping your readers within your digital world. This new addition to our Video Embed feature helps save valuable page space and helps you maintain a clean, elegant design.

Easily Share with New Custom QR Codes


Our new QR code feature makes sharing your digital flipbooks a breeze.
Easily save your QR code and share it on Social Media, in e-mails, on posters, and literally everywhere you want to promote your publication. Share faster, save time, and streamline your workflow.

Explore Our New Sleek Editor


Experience the same powerful features you know and love, now with a refined refresh! We have revamped our flipbook editor to bring you an intuitive interface that enhances usability without changing your workflow.

Get in-depth data with our new GA4 feature!


For advanced statistical data on your flipbooks, you can now integrate your Paperturn account with your Google Analytics 4 Account to
measure valuable statistics about your viewers and your flipbooks’ content.

We’ve enabled security headers on your flipbooks!


These headers are used to secure your flipbooks against cyber attacks. With this update we’re at the top of the market when it comes to securing customer data and cyber security.

Paperturn’s new iFrame embed feature!


With Paperturn’s iFrame embed feature, you can embed hundreds of dynamic and interactive media forms from across the internet with a simple piece of HTML code. Need a Google Form? A 3D Virtual Tour? A pop-quiz? A chart or document? A Spotify playlist? A picture gallery? The options are endless!

Jump to First & Last Page


With our latest “jump to first and last page” feature, your readers can easily navigate to your flipbooks’ front and back covers, with just one click - guaranteeing a more streamlined user experience.

Pop-up Feature


With our new pop-up feature, you can add extra information to a product, show off additional pictures, insert links that let your readers jump directly to purchase pages and much more! There are so many ways to use our pop-up feature to boost your sales and add an additional layer of interactivity to your flipbooks that your readers will love!

Sound & Music Feature


Our new sound and music feature makes it easy to stimulate your readers’ senses and increase their engagement with your content. You can now easily incorporate sound effects, music, voice-overs, advertisements, podcasts and advertising messages directly into your flipbook!



You can now collaborate easily with your colleagues or external partners by adding up to 10 additional users to your Paperturn account. We’ve also made it easy to control who can access what with 4 different user roles. Collaborating & creating has never been easier!

Google Tag Manager integration


With Paperturn’s new Google Tag Manager integration, you can easily add tracking tags to your flipbook(s) to track specific events and conversions - helping you expand your knowledge of how your flipbooks perform and how your viewers interact with them. The best thing? No coding required!

Flipbook Clipboard


With the new flipbook clipboard feature, you can copy and paste elements like links, videos, images etc. throughout your flipbook with ease, eliminating tedious re-creation of elements on multiple pages - saving you precious time and effort!

Right-to-Left Reading Orientation


Paperturn’s flipbooks and flipbook functions now support the option to be read & flipped from right to left; especially useful when creating flipbooks in languages such as: Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Aramaic and more. You can find this orientation function in your design tab.

Table of Contents


The new Table of Contents feature helps you make your flipbooks even more user-friendly for your readers; they can navigate through the pages of your flipbook quickly and easily by clicking on one of the entries in your table of contents which instantly redirects them to the corresponding page.

ADA & WCAG 2.1 Accessible Flipbooks


Via our new Accessible Viewer and Disability Interface Tool, users with disabilities (hearing, cognitive, visual & other) can adjust the design and UI of your flipbooks so they perfectly meet their accessibility needs according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines at the AA and AAA levels.



You can now add an extra level of security to your account by enabling two-factor authentication. Visit your “Personal Settings” to enable 2FA.

Web Accessibility for Disabled Users


Paperturn's website and client dashboard are now optimized to be friendly for people with disabilities, including: blind people using screen-readers (JAWS, NVDA), people with motor impairments and people with cognitive and visual disabilities (color blindness, epilepsy, minor visual impairments and ADHD).

Duplicate Function


With our new duplicate function you can now duplicate a flipbook of your choice including all elements you added into the flipbook (links, videos, photos, pop-ups etc.).

Shopping Cart & Wish List


With our new shopping cart feature, your shoppers can shop & order directly from your flipbook! Your shoppers can also create wish lists to send to friends and family for gift ideas for all occasions. View the “Shopping Cart” section in our Help Guide to learn more.



You now have the possibility to schedule the date & time you wish to publish or deactivate your flipbooks. No more reminders to publish your monthly magazine or new product catalog; your flipbooks will automatically publish and deactivate on the preset dates you choose!

Flipbook Newsflash Icon


Catch your readers’ attention with our new newsflash feature! If enabled, it displays as a glowing icon in the top right-hand corner of your flipbook viewer. Use it to highlight an important message, sale or call-to-action! View the Newsflash section in our Help Guide to learn more.

Flipbook Advertising Banners


With our new advertising banner feature, you can advertise a new company product or event, generate revenue through third party advertisements, highlight a monthly promotion and much more! View the Advertising Banner section in our Guide to learn more!

Lead Capture Form


Introducing - Lead capture forms! You now have the option to enable a lead capture form on your flipbook which requires users to insert their information (like name, email or phone number) before they can see your flipbook. It allows you to collect leads right within your flipbook and add those leads directly to your CRM / Email marketing lists. To learn more, visit the ""Lead Capture Form"" section in the Guide.

Download your statistics


You are now able to download your built-in flipbook statistics as either a .PDF or .CSV file. Visit the flipbook's statistics section to see the download options!

Link Clicks in Statistics


We’ve added a statistic to your built-in flipbook statistics that shows you the most clicked links in your flipbook, including: the type of link, the page the link was located on and how many times it was clicked. Visit your flipook statistics to see more.

Flipbook Tags


We've added the flipbook tags feature to your account to help you easily categorize, organize and search for your flipbooks. Once you add a tag to a flipbook, you're easily able to search for that flipbook amongst all of your other flipbooks by using that tag. For more information, visit the "Flipbook Tags" section in our Guide.

Save flipbook to homescreens with favicon


With the Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, both you and your viewers can now save your online flipbooks as favicons to your home screen on Apple iPads, iPhones and Android tablets & phones. Windows device users can also pin flipbooks to their Start screen by using the Internet Explorer browser.

Visit our Guide and click on "Save flipbook to homescreens with favicon" to learn more.

Interactive GIF files now supported


You now have the capability to add interactive GIF files directly into your flipbooks. Your GIFs will play seamlessly on any device when your flipbook is opened.

Individual Logos Per Publication


With our PRO subscription, you are now able to add individual logos to flipbooks - perfect for if you’re managing multiple accounts and desire unique branding per flipbook. Visit our Guide and click on the "logo" tab to learn more.

IP-Whitelisting Options Added


For additional flexibility and security within IP-whitelisting, you can now enter a combination of specific IPs, wildcard ranges and set ranges to whitelist.

7 New Languages For Flipbook Viewer


We have just added 7 new languages to your flipbook viewer: Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (both European and South American) and Bulgarian.

When your viewers open the flipbook, they will see their language displayed in the menu items. To change the flipbook viewer language visit the "edit" section of the flipbook and choose "flipbook viewer language".

Download Statistic Added


We’ve added a statistic to your built-in flipbook statistics that shows you how many times your viewers downloaded your flipbook as a PDF. The more statistical insights, the better - right?



We thought it was time for a little brush up! We’ve had our front page re-designed as well as our contact page and “getting started guide”. We have also created example / inspiration pages which showcase what you can do with your flipbooks as well as highlight some great client flipbook examples. You can find those pages in the website’s header under the tab “examples”.

Embed Center Alignment


We have updated our embed system so that anytime you embed your flipbooks onto your website, the flipbook viewer will automatically center align, for a more aesthetically pleasing viewer experience.

*Note - if you have content on your intropage (the page before your publication's front page), the embedded flipbook will not automatically center align.

Polish Language Viewer


Paperturn's flipbook viewer is now available in the Polish language.

More statistics!


We’ve added a whole host of useful statistics - specific to each publication you upload - to inform you about who is viewing your publication and how they view it. We have insightful information regarding traffic source (did users arrive at your publication through SoMe, your website or a shared link?), audience (where in the world are viewers looking at your publication from?), device (was your publication viewed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop?) and finally which browser was used to view your publication (chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer?). We know that the secret to successful marketing is to identify the target market accurately and to adjust marketing efforts based on the data provided. Happy hunting!

Flipbook visual quality update


We have just released an exciting new update that provides you with even sharper, crystal clear clarity on your text and images within your flipbooks - even when zoomed out or in “view mode”. Impress your clients and earn new business with the highest quality clarity and sharpness currently on the digital flipbook market!

*Note: This update will only take effect with newly uploaded flipbooks. For existing flipbooks, you must re-upload/overwrite the existing flipbook for the changes to take effect.