Your online catalog needs to be well presented for your customers 

Of course, the material should be made more vibrant; therefore get a digital PDF.  course, the material should be made more alive .. Therefore get a digital PDF. 


In the market lots of money is being spent on developing brochures and magazines - these are expensive to print, expensive to distribute and they harm the environment.

Now there ways to reduce the number of printed catalogs by publishing online instead.  However, a PDF alone does not present a product very well and you also miss out on viral marketing through social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter which are free. 

If you want to enhance your PDF and get more viewers it makes sense to use Paperturn. You can insert your own colors, your own background image and a logo. The point is to visually represent your company so the costumers link what they see with you. Paperturn is not cluttered with irrelevant features that shift the visitor’s focus from what it really is all about: your catalog. 

We make it easy for you to uplift your PDF to a new level through this website. 
We would be delighted to welcome you and see your online catalog enhanced – enjoy!

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