Create an online magazine


In a few minutes, your existing PDF can be changed into a digital, online magazine. It will be possible for your readers to flip through the pages, so that they will get the right experience of a magazine.

Your magazine can reach the whole digital world

Traditional, physical magazines are increasingly losing distribution to digital magazines. Paperturn has developed a system that makes it possible to change your existing magazine into a digital, online magazine. It only takes a few minutes, and afterwards you will be able to make your influence count in the market that you do not reach today.



Rapidly achieve a digital, online magazine with a flipping effect

Just by uploading your existing PDF, Paperturn automatically performs an extensive change of the material, so that it becomes a digital, online magazine, which your readers can flip through.



Your magazine on computers, smartphones And tablets 

After the extensive changes made with Paperturn, your magazine can be seen on all digital devices and platforms on the market (computers, smartphones, tablets and so on), contrary to the printed magazine.



Your magazine can be found in the search results of Google

People who search in Google for the subjects that you cover can become your new readers. The Paperturn system facilitates that the content of your magazine appears in Google when the keywords of your choice are entered. That also means that your digital, online magazine will have a significantly longer life than a traditional, physical magazine; if the online magazine is available in Google, and you don’t delete it, it will be read for a long time after its release by the people who search in Google for the subjects that you cover.



Digital, online magazine created in record time

In order to create your digital, online magazine, you just need your PDF file with your existing magazine, hence you don’t have to wait for a troublesome process to be finished. Your digital, online magazine will be created in record time!

Immediately after this fast creation, your magazine is ready to be shared with the world.



Do not let others get your ad revenue

The Paperturn system has been developed to ensure the most professional handling of your magazines. This entails that Paperturn doesn’t place ads in your magazines, as opposed to a lot of other suppliers. If ads are to be placed in your magazines, it should be the ads that you insert for your own advertisers. The ad revenue generated from your magazines belongs to you!