La Monarca Vol 4 FINAL - Page 12

Alejandro Álvarez Barragán (2014 Cohort,
Mechanical Engineering, UCR) coauthored “Tin
disulfide segregation on CZTS films sulfurized at
high pressure,” published in Materials Letters, and
“Grain-to-grain compositional variations and phase
segregation in CZTS films” in Applied Materials and
Interfaces. He also participated in a number of internationally recognized conferences including the
American Vacuum Society 62nd International Symposium and Exhibition; the 2016 Materials Research
Society Meeting and Exhibit; and the Gordon Research Conference for Plasma Processing Science.
Rodolfo Álvarez Sánchez (2015 Cohort,
Structural Engineering, UCSD) was awarded the
Fulbright García-Robles fellowship to continue his
doctoral studies in structural design and earthquake
Augusto Berrocal (2014 Cohort, Molecular & Cell
Biology, UCB) advanced to candidacy in 2016. His
research focuses on understanding the genomic elements that regulate gene expression in embryonic
development. For this purpose, he uses real-time imaging techniques and genetic manipulation of living
embryos of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.
Carlos Buen Abad Najar (2015 Cohort,
Computational Biology, UCB) presented a poster
titled “Identification of low-coverage DNA libraries
using single nucleotide polymorphisms in linkage
disequilibrium” at the 2015 Computational Biology
and Genomics retreat. He is currently participating
in studies of alternative splicing in human transcriptomes using computational approaches.
Konstantin Choumiline (2012 Cohort, Earth
Sciences, UCR) participated in the International
Ocean Discovery Program workshop titled “Exploring deep subsurface life, sedimentation and tectonics
in a young ocean: Workshop to synthesize site survey
cruise data and develop new strategies for a scientific
ocean drilling proposal in the Guaymas Basin.” With
NSF support he participated in the Urbino Summer
School in Paleoclimatology in Italy. He presented
“Drivers of redox changes in diverse basins of the
Gulf of California: Alfonso, La Paz and Pescadero”
at the Goldschmidt2016 conference in Japan. At the
3rd International Symposium on Effects of Climate
Change on the World’s Oceans in Brazil, he presented “Historical trends in hypoxia of the southeastern
Gulf of California: 18,000 year record within Pescadero Basin sediments.”
Elizabeth Cortéz Rangel (2013 Cohort, Education,
UCD) presented her research “Framing the Purpose
of Assessment and Placement: A Latina/o Developmental Education Enrollment Mechanism within the
California Community College System” at the 2015
Annual Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) Conference. She was also selected
to be part of the Graduate Student Policy Seminar
at ASHE, and participated in the AAHHE/ETS
Latina/o Student Success Institute at the 2016 Association for Hispanics in Higher Education National
Cecilia Farfán Méndez (2011 Cohort, Political
Science, UCSB) received the Herbert F. York Global
Security Dissertation Fellowship from the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. The
fellowship supported fieldwork for her project “One
of These Things Is Not Like the Others: A Theory
Explaining Behavioral Patterns of Drug Trafficking
Organizations.” She collected data from Mexican and
U.S. journalists, policy experts and government officials, and published an editorial piece, “Colombia is
not Mexico,” in Huffington Post’s Latino Voices calling for a science-based approach to drug-trafficking
and violence.
Ana Elisa García Vedrenne (2011 Cohort, Ecology,
Evolution and Marine Biology, UCSB) coauthored
the article “Social Organization in Parasitic Flatworms—Four Additional Echinostomoid Trematodes
Have a Soldier Caste and One Does Not,” published
in the Journal of Parasitology. She presented the
results of her research on sociality in parasitic flatworms at the 2015 Evolution Meeting in Brazil.

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