Online presentation software

The Paperturn Presentation PDF Converter software allows you to transform your existing PDF files into online presentation material.
Use your converted PDF file for presentations at meetings, talks, etc., and afterwards, share your presentation material online with your audience. See examples here.


Online presentation converter

Paperturn converts your pdf into a presentaionThe Paperturn online presentation software quickly and automatically converts existing PDF files into presentation material.
Your existing PDF files are converted into clear, stylish presentations, with fluid "flip page turn effects" and an overview which allows easy and quick navigation through your presentation – e.g. if you want to go from page 5 to page 20, you don't have to flip through the material to get to the page, you simply access the page directly from the overview.


Based on your existing PDF file

The Paperturn Online Presentation Converter works by turning already existing material (a PDF file) into presentation material. The existing PDF file can, for instance, contain a brochure, a manuscript or a collection of notes.
If the material that you have is in a Word document or similar, it can quickly be converted into a PDF file, after which it can be used in the online presentation software.

Significantly improved impact

One benefit of the Paperturn Online Presentation Converter is that it generates presentation material which goes online immediately and can be accessed for a long time after your presentation is given.
There is no need for special presentation software; this system runs online - so your audience can repeatedly access your message - which could significantly improve the impact your presentation makes.
Should you wish not to have this option, just customise the settings in your online presentation software so that your presentation material will only be accessible to those given a username and a password.


Online presentation software

You can avoid the work involved in creating new material for your presentation, as the Paperturn online presentation software works by revitalizing your existing material. When your existing material has been revitalized by using the Paperturn online presentation software, it is fully compatible for use on a big screen 

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Trouble-free presentations

After converting your presentation material is ready immediatelyAfter the conversion of your PDF file with Paperturn's online presentation software, your presentation material is immediately accessible online.
There is, therefore, no requirement for special software on the computer that will be used for your presentation - you simply type in the address (URL) that has been generated automatically by the online presentation software. Also, you don't have to remember to bring a file with you.
After the presentation, you can give the address (URL) to your audience so that they can gain access to the presentation material.

Online presentation software free trial

You can try the Paperturn online presentation converter free - for a limited period.
You will see how quickly the presentation software produces excellent results.
You will see how your PDF file will look after it has been automatically converted by Paperturn into presentation material.


Online presentation tool

The Paperturn online presentation software can also be used as a tool to compliment other material.
If you have already created your presentation with PowerPoint, for instance, you can use the Paperturn online presentation software to compliment this by making material that your audience can access online, after your presentation.
If you have a PDF file with a catalogue - you can use the online presentation software to turn that PDF file into online presentation material, to supplement your catalogue.
Paperturn's presentation software can be used to supplement your presentation with follow-up material. Hence the online presentation software becomes a tool, which is used to enhance/complete your presentation.

Online presentation tools - with audio

The online presentation software allows you to add extra dimensions to your presentation material. For instance, it is possible to provide audio by adding YouTube videos via the software settings.

Online presentation tool - free trial

You don't have to buy the online presentation software right away in order to explore its possibilities.
Paperturn's online presentation software can be used for free for a limited period.
You can test how the online presentation software functions as a tool to complement your complete presentation. The actual process for converting your PDF file to online presentation software is completed within a few minutes.
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