Within a few minutes, an existing PDF file containing a leaflet can be turned into an online leaflet. This online leaflet is characterized by a dynamic look, unlike the "barren" and anonymous look of a regular file.  Furthermore, the online leaflet has been designed to target (new) customers.


Example of online leaflet




Online leaflet

You can convert your pdf into an online leafletWith Paperturn, your existing PDF leaflet file can be turned into an online leaflet that visually separates itself from a file by looking like a "real" (physical) leaflet. Thus the charm of a "real" leaflet is retained, and the "barren" and anonymous look of a regular file is avoided.
Paperturn ensures that your PDF file automatically goes through extensive changes, so that your humble PDF file is turned into an attractive and professional online leaflet.  The pages of your PDF file are quickly converted and the finished product looks like a paper leaflet – the pages face each other and, using the cursor, your reader can "flip turn" the pages in an authentic way.
Because the online leaflet has been designed to look like a "real" (physical) leaflet, it retains all of the charm of a "real" leaflet, whilst remaining concise, easy to use and comprehensible; the leaflet has been designed with an easy to use overview, which can be activated inside the online leaflet. The overview shows all of the pages of the online leaflet at once, as thumbnails, so that it is possible to go directly to a page without having to flip through the whole online leaflet.

A good understanding of your message

Since leaflets are relatively concise, they are very suitable for digital, online platforms because online users prefer information which is brief and to the point. An online leaflet will therefore, in a very direct way, fulfil the needs of the users on digital, online platforms. Understanding of the message in your online leaflet will be enhanced as your message will be both concise and clear enough to push through – all you have to do is get your online leaflet distributed on digital platforms. 

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Distribution on a multitude of digital platforms

Digital on a multitude of digital platformsOnline leaflets which have been created with Paperturn have been specifically designed to reach (new) customers via various digital platforms. An online leaflet with content that represents the core business of your company can be found by anyone in Google who uses key words which match the content of your leaflet – thereby drawing the attention of (new) customers who are then directed to your company.
As well as Google, the online leaflet can be distributed over a number of other digital platforms such as a website, a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page. A growing trend is the extensive use of LinkedIn. Although many executives have lots of connections on LinkedIn, they lack quality material to share; the material that is shared on this distinctly professional platform should preferably be of a high standard. In this case, an online leaflet could have enormous potential as a highly effective material which would be of benefit to many on LinkedIn.

How to create an online leaflet

In just a few minutes, your existing PDF file can be automatically transformed into an online leaflet, and there are no special adjustments required. Paperturn has been created with the specific intention of making it possible to create a professional, attractive online leaflet quickly and easily.
The technology behind Paperturn is complex, which is why Paperturn takes care of the hosting of the online leaflet. If you have a PDF file, you can create an online leaflet with Paperturn 

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