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By using Paperturn, you can create an online guide using an existing PDF file. 
Just upload your PDF file to automatically create your new online guide.
Your new Paperturn online guide will be attractive and clearly presented, making it user friendly and easily accessible.
When you create an online guide with Paperturn, your guide is automatically optimised – a specific design to boost your placings in Google searches.

Create an online user guide

As the function of a guide is to provide an introduction to a subject, it is important for an effective guide to be easy to use and command. 
Paperturn has developed online software which allows you to create an online guide which is clearly presented and easy to use.
When you create your Paperturn online guide, the pages of your PDF file are automatically converted into clear, well presented pages - which face each other, just like a physical user guide. This, combined with the fluid motion of our "flip page turn" effect enhances the look and feel of your Paperturn online guide - ensuring an intuitive user friendly experience.

Customers are looking for you - meet them

Create online guide from a pdf with PaperturnNot only are clarity and comprehensibility ensured when you create an online guide with Paperturn, your online guide has been specifically designed for becoming prominently placed in Google searches.
The overwhelming majority of your customers (and potential customers), when in doubt, will search for answers in Google. If these searches are to lead to your company, it is crucial for your online guide to be optimised for prominent placings in Google. Paperturn online guide has been designed specifically to ensure optimal placings in Google searches.
Paperturn also allows you to adjust your online guide manually with descriptions, keywords etc., which are specific to your guide. It is possible to make these adjustments to individual pages when you create your online guide.
An example would be that if you have an online shop, and a guide on how to use one of your products, Paperturn has been designed to ensure that your online guide is optimally placed when potential customers are searching for this product in Google. Using Paperturn to create an online guide contributes to becoming more visible in the exact place where customers are looking for you.

With regard to users who search for information on their own initiative (for instance an online guide), it is important to take into account that most of these users can't be reached in any other way, other than by search engines. These types of users don't call or e-mail a company to get their questions answered; the results that appear in Google, either adequate or not, are what they will base their decisions on 

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Create an online guide to attract customers

Create online guide to attract customersWhen your online guide is highly visible in Google, it creates opportunities for attracting (new) customers. These opportunities are not limited to guides for the use of products - you can also create online guides for assembly instructions - For example, a webshop that sells furniture can create an online guide explaining how customers build their new pieces at home. 

When you create your online guide on the use of a product, you will also make the answers to questions about the product readily available to both existing customers, and to potential new customers.


How to create your online user guide

Paperturn has been designed to make creating your online guide as simple as possible. With Paperturn you can create your online guide by simply uploading your existing guide PDF file. Your PDF file is then automatically transformed into an online guide. Paperturn software runs online - there is no need to download software in order to create your online guide.
The PDF file that you use to create your online guide can, of course, be one that was made for the purpose of being published online. But it is also possible to create an online guide with a PDF file that wasn't originally intended to be published online, thus you can utilize an already existing PDF file to create an online guide and improve your impact online.
You don't have to buy access to Paperturn right away to create your online guide. You can create an online guide for free by signing up for the Paperturn trial. When you create your online guide using the trial version of Paperturn, you will have access to all the features of Paperturn. To keep the online guide you created after the trial period, you simply buy access to Paperturn.
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