chilstone online brochure 2018 - Page 9

Small Urns
Tulip Urn
Ribbon Vase
Regency Urn
Christopher Wren Urn c.1700
with acanthus leaves supporting
a fluted bowl. Dignified, classical
urn that can be used as a planter
or as a gate finial. Ideal for
planting, on a wall or decorating
gate piers.
Based on a design from the
William and Mary period (c.1690).
A highly decorative vase with
swags of drapery tied off in
four bows, supporting hanging
bunches of fruit and flowers.
Inspired by the Brighton Pavillion
c.1810, this exotic piece is
octagonal with upturned lotus
leaves on a scalloped base.
Height: 50.8cm (20 ins)
Diameter: 40.6cm (16 ins)
Base diameter: 28.0cm (11 ins)
Suggested pedestal: C4900
Code C1170
Height: 41.9cm (16½ ins)
Diameter (widest): 45.7cm (18 ins)
Base diameter: 27.9cm (11 ins)
Suggested pedestal: C4900
Height: 47.0cm (18½ ins)
Width of lip: 40.6cm (16 ins)
Width of base: 31.7cm (12½ ins)
Suggested pedestal: C4900
Code C3500
Code C5500
Buckland Urn
Acanthus Urn
Monteith Bowl
Elegant simplicity, a hemispherical
bowl on a turned stand with a
square base.
A simple but effective urn with
a striking decoration of acanthus
leaves. Can be used as a planter
or as a finial.
Inspired by the famous monteith
punchbowl with the traditional
scalloped rim and good depth
for planting.
Height: 43.0cm (17 ins)
Diameter: 44.5cm (17½ ins)
Square base: 23.0cm (9¼ ins)
Height: 26.6cm (10½ ins)
Diameter: 45.8cm (18 ins)
Base: 25.0cm (10 ins)
Code C2030
Code C1120
Height: 62.2cm (24½ ins)
Diameter: 50.8cm (20 ins)
Square base: 40.5cm (16 ins)
Code C2290

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