chilstone online brochure 2018 - Page 89

Gate Pier Capitals
What is the purpose of a pier cap? Apart from defining a pier (brick gate post) they act as
a cover to protect the brick work or render of a gate pier from the rain. Without this the pier
could deteriorate or become stained and marked.
What size do I need? Each pier cap is measured by the underside measurement and must
overlap the pier by a minimum of 20mm. This will allow the water to run off the surface and
on to the ground, protecting the brick work. To help with this some of our moulds can be
adjusted to achieve the perfect size and fit. These include CA111, CA108 and CA112.
What are they made of? We use our cast stone to manufacture each pier cap which are
handmade, and closely resemble natural stone. They will take on an antiqued finish after a
period of time or can be sealed to maintain a contemporary look.

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