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Pool Surrounds
“If there is magic
on this planet, it is
contained in water.”
Loren Eiseley
Pool surrounds: Care must be taken when ordering
a pool surround and customers are advised to take
advantage of our free estimating service. You need only
have a fair idea of the diameter (or width) of the pool for
us to provide you with a quotation and accurate drawing
of the surround.
Chilstone Decorative Pool Surround
Copied from a Royal Doulton original, the pool surround is decorated
with lavish swags of flowers (see below).
Illustrated with C5900A Northampton fountain.
Code CW5
Pool liners: A range of fibreglass pool liners are available
for use with our range of pool surrounds. A liner can be
sat within the surround to act as an above ground pool
or, as is traditionally the case, sunken below ground with
the surround acting as a capping stone.
Available in any colour
Please note: the surrounds are decorative and are
not designed to hold water. They will give the pool a
permanent look and are safer than a flush pool wherever
children and animals are present. All radii are internal
unless otherwise stated.
Quatrefoil Decorative Pool Surround
CW18: By using elements from our straight and curved
paving range we are able to produce ground level pool
Below is an example of one designed by a Chilstone
Quatrefoil shaped pool surround. Can either be supplied for rendering
as an open or above ground pool surround or with our CW5B square
liner - to provide a self-contained fountain. The latter option enables
the curved sections to act as beds for planting. Please give details
of requirements when ordering.
CW5B Liner for pools - 147.0cm x 144.0cm
Code CW5A
Also available with
4975 internal radius CW5F

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