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Statues and Sculptures
Chilstone Terms
In Classical architecture a Term
or Terminal figure is a human
head that continues as a square
tapering pillarlike form.
If the bust is Hermes it is called
a Herm (see below).
The Chilstone terms are female in
the Art Nouveau style depicting
the four seasons.
Spring Term
Height: 141.5cm (55½ cm)
Base width: 26.5cm (10½ ins)
Code C4855
Summer Term
Height: 144.5cm (56¾ ins)
Base width: 26.5cm (10½ ins)
Spring C4855
Summer C4830
Autumn C4840
Winter C4850
Code C4830
Autumn Term
Height: 145.0cm (57 ins)
Base width: 26.5cm (10½ ins)
Code C4840
Winter Term
Height: 140.5cm (55 ins)
Base width: 26.5cm (10½ ins)
Code C4850
Herm or Herma trace their origins
to ancient Athens. Often used as
a protection for travellers, they in
time came to be used as property
markers. Popular in the Italian
renaissance as Terms (Seasons).
The Chilstone Herm is based on
Pan and sports Pan Pipes instead
of the traditional decoration. From
an original at Clandon Park, Surrey.
Height: 205.7cm (81 ins)
Shoulder width: 49.5cm (19½ ins)
Base width: 34.2cm (13½ ins)
Base depth: 32.4cm (12¾ ins)
Code C2110

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