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Statues and Sculptures
Goddess Flora
A very traditional statue depicting
the Goddess of the Garden herself,
Flora. She is finely draped and
holding the traditional cornucopia
in her arms.
Can be used as a fountain.
Height: 99.0cm (39 ins)
Base diameter: 28.0cm (11 ins)
Code C2050
The Daughter of Zeus and Demeter.
Abducted to the underworld she
came to symbolise plants who rise
in spring and return to the earth
after harvest. A finely detailed and
classical statue.
Featured on a C2500B plinth.
Also available as a fountain figure
Height: 152.4cm (60 ins)
Square base: 34.3cm (13½ cm)
Code C1400
far left
French Figure
Figure, probably French, c.1740.
A charming figure dressed in
plumed hat, jacket and breeches.
Excellent set in an arbour or at
the end of a path.
Can be used with pedestal C2500.
Height 134.6cm (53 in)
Square base: 34.3cm (13½ ins)
Code C3400
Classical Figure
Regency figure c.1800 in the
neo-classical style popular then as
now. Classical but with a different
flavour. The figure is draped, one
hand holds a shell whilst the other
supports the drapery.
See also fountain version C4800A.
Shown here on the rustic pedestal
Height: 134.6cm (53 ins)
Square base: 34.3cm (13½ cm)
Code C4800

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