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Sundial plates : Scientific Instruments
Our handmade scientific
instrument sundial plates are
accurate for the UK mainland
and can be adapted for overseas
These are scientific instruments
and should not be confused with
purely ornamental sundials.
We have examples of each in
our range.
Equation of Time Brass
Stunning engraved plate showing a compass
rose, the equation of time and the motto
“Thus Life, Whilst it flies, seems to stand still”
inscribed in Latin text.
Jacobean Brass Sundial
A traditional plate in a design popular since the 17th
Century. There is ample space below the gnomon for
a personal message or motto, included in the price.
Diameter 24.3cm (9½ ins)
Diameter 26.5cm (10½ ins)
Some points to consider
when choosing a sundial:
A circular sundial plate will
work well on a square or round
top or capital.
A square plate or hexagonal
plate works best with a square
Always site your sundial away
from shade, sun is its raison
The gnomon or arrow must
point due north towards Polaris,
the North star.
To be accurate the plate must
be completely horizontal.
Scientific sundials often have
the ‘equation of time’ engraved
on them for use in the accurate
telling of time.
To set up a Chilstone sundial
you will need a firm horizontal
base, a compass, a non shady
location and a sunny day.
Regency Square Brass
The Cormac Lalor Sundial
A handsome design within a historical context
works very well with the large Bedford or large
Penshurst Sundial plinths. A personal message
or motto is included within the price.
A very special honed Valentia Island slate plate
with a gnomon of polished marine grade stainless
steel. Each sundial is founded on your latitude and
longitude and engraved just as you choose. Our
plate has an English Rose, “The Sun Shines for All”
in Latin and the Summer Solstice as the dateline.
Diameter: 26.7cm (10½ ins)
We recommend displaying this fine instrument on
our Father Time sundial plinth.
Diameter: 28.0cm (11 ins)

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