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Jardinieres and Troughs
“Jardiniere is
simply the
female form
of Gardener in
modern French.
Bowood Trough
Urban Planter
Highly decorative trough of Regency design with
swags of fruit supported by decorated rings and
a floral badge.
A modernistic style of planter with clean precise lines
which can be used as a pedestal when upturned.
Height: 43.5cm (17 ins)
Width: 39.0cm (15½ ins)
Length: 84.2cm (33 ins)
Height: 47.0cm (18½ ins)
Width at top: 55.0cm (21¾ ins)
Width at bottom: 45.0cm (17¾ ins)
a jardiniere
is similar to a
planter but is
highly ornate and
is an ornament in
Code C2161
Code C1162
Did You Know?
Hadlow Trough
Hadlow Trough
Simple contemporary trough
of pleasing proportions.
Height: 40.5cm (16 ins)
Length at top: 110.0cm (43¼ ins)
Width at top: 39.0cm (15¼ ins)
Length at bottom: 104.0cm (41 ins)
Width at bottom: 33.0cm (13 ins)
Height: 40.5cm (16 ins)
Width at top: 39.0cm (15¼ ins)
Width at bottom: 33.0cm (13 ins)
Code C1164H
An elegant classical shape by the eminent mould maker Tim Vidal.
Code C1163H
Troughs and Jardinieres have
reached a level of popularity
because they are so versatile.
They suit a small courtyard
garden, so are popular in town
houses yet they are not out of
place in the grandest house.
There are numerous uses for a
planter, not least of which is as
a container for a delightful herb
garden close to the kitchen
door. Delicate plants can
also benefit from having their
own environment in which to
flourish and there is something
delightfully self contained about

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