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Restoration and Replication
Over the years we have been asked to work on restorations for garden ornaments and
architectural projects. Our skilled sculptors and craftspeople have wide ranging experience
and can replicate original pieces, carefully restoring the fine details by hand. By creating bespoke
moulds, we can make multiple copies, perfect for replacing original features, like classical window
surrounds or capitals. We can use an adjacent property to create the mould to match your
property with the rest of the street, potentially increasing the value of your home and the overall
desirability of the area. We can copy existing stonework to match in extensions with the original
buildings or for new builds designed to blend with the existing houses in the area.
The ability to make multiple copies works well for garden ornaments for large garden designs,
like our commission by Kensington palace, where the designer needed many matching planters
for their planting scheme. We have restored damaged stonework for many clients, including
Kew Gardens, Embley Park and Hever Castle. We can colour match stone to blend with existing
stonework. We can also engrave our cast stone. Here are just a few examples of many diverse
projects we have worked on. Please ask our team for advice on your project.
Our master
craftspeople are
skilled at restoring
fine details by hand,
bringing heritage
pieces back to life.
Mark Crampton
Workshop Manager
a few of the projects that Chilstone have worked on...
THE FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE URN Chilstone were asked to restore and replicate this
ornate urn which once graced the gardens of Florence Nightingale’s family home, Embley Park
in Hampshire. Embley Park is now owned by Hampshire Collegiate, where the last remaining
urn was found stored in an outbuilding. A member of the school’s staff recognised the urn in a
photograph of Florence Nightingale taken in the grounds in 1858 and due to its historic value,
Chilstone were asked to restore the urn to its former glory. The Urn was badly damaged and
Chilstone worked diligently to preserve the original features during its meticulous renovation.
Using the last surviving urn, photographs and our skilled craftsmanship, we faithfully reproduced
this beautiful ornament. We also returned the original for display at the school. Twenty further
urns were commissioned to be showcased throughout the grounds of Embley Park where they
were once enjoyed by the Nightingale family. Chilstone were honoured to be involved in this
project that resulted in a truly fitting memorial for Florence Nightingale, whose contribution to
the wellbeing of all mankind can never be underestimated. Hampshire Collegiate were pleased
to share this urn and make it available to our clients.
KEW GARDENS The urns that adorn the famous Temperate house, designed by Decimus
Burton at Kew Gardens, were taken down and stored to avoid damage during The Blitz. They
spent decades in storage, forgotten. In the 1970’s they were found. Many had sadly been
damaged or stolen over the years and Chilstone were commissioned to create replicas, which
still stand in pride of place today.
WANDSWORTH NEW BUILD REPLICATION Chilstone were commissioned to recreate
these window capitals to match those of the original Victorian properties in the area, as part
of a project to replace a set of terraced properties destroyed in The Blitz.
SIR JEFFREY HUDSON STATUE Chilstone were commissioned by the members and readership
of the Go Folkestone magazine to restore and then replicate a vandalised mid-19th century
statue of Queen Henrietta Maria’s famous dwarf, Sir Jeffrey Hudson, that had been displayed in
Folkestone’s Kingsnorth Gardens since 1928. Using the remaining torso, along with a selection of
vintage photographs and line drawings, our sculptor faithfully reproduced the original statue in
clay, from which a mould was made to create an accurate and detailed stone replica of Sir Jeffrey.
The new statue is to take pride of place in the recently restored Kingsnorth Gardens. We are
delighted to be able to add such a fascinating character to our ornamental range.
KENSINGTON PLANTER Kensington Palace in London, home of Prince William, commissioned
Chilstone to copy the original 16th century Pulhamite planters that had gradually deteriorated
and make twenty-two smaller versions, as part of a major refurbishment. Making a mould from
the originals, we were able to scale them to the desired size and create multiple copies. We
were delighted when Prince Harry made our Kensington Stone Planters world famous when he
announced his engagement to Meghan Markle to the world’s press in the garden, standing
beside our Kensington Planters.
HEVER CASTLE Chisltone were able to restore sections of the balustrade on the Golden
Staircase at Hever, after a storm damaged this beautiful feature in the grounds of the castle.

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