chilstone online brochure 2018 - Page 17

Large Urns
Victorian Tazza
and Pedestal
Large impressive bowl which
can be used for planting or
very successful as a fountain.
Although usually purchased
together, the Victorian Tazza
C9700A and Tazza Pedestal
C9700D can be purchased
Total height: 140.4cm (55¼ ins)
Height: 59cm (23¼ ins)
Diameter: 111.2cm (44 ins)
Square base: 45.8cm (18 ins)
Height: 81.2cm (32 ins)
Square base: 66.0cm (26 ins)
Code C9700
Chalybeate Urn
Northbourne Urn
Waddesdon Urn
A superbly shaped urn designed
for the Chalybeate Springs in the
Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells, where
they can still be seen today.
Reproduced from an original at
Lord Nothbourne’s seat. Limited
edition, each urn comes with a
numbered certificate.
A vase reproduced from the Rothschild’s fabulous
chateau at Waddesdon. This grand vase depicts
children gathering grapes and placing them in wine
vats. Classical egg and tongue decoration to the rim.
Height: 122.0cm (48 ins)
Diameter: 56.0cm (22 ins)
Square neck base: 38.0cm (15 ins)
Height: 101.5cm (40 ins)
Diameter: 63.5cm (25 ins)
Square neck base: 53.5cm (21 ins)
Shown on a C2500B plinth but works well on a
C9700D pedestal.
Code C2210
Code C7510
Height: 76.2cm (30 ins)
Diameter: 77.5cm (30½ ins)
Square neck base: 38.7cm (15½ ins)
Code C8500

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