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Small Urns
Pedestals are a means of raising
ornaments to a higher level,
adding scale to a garden and
a new perspective.
Pedestals are available in a
variety of shapes and sizes and
are a very useful garden feature.
They are usually sold separately
as there are a number of options
available. It is always wise to
check which pedestal best suits
which piece.
Northampton Urn
Handled Urn
An interesting maritime design
inspired by the Victorian taste
for grottoes.
An unusual Elizabethan urn
with scales and scrolled handles
designed 500 years ago for
The Hall in Bradford-upon-Avon.
Recreated at Chilstone. Can
be used with balustrading, on
walls, pedestals or simply on the
Can be used as a birdbath
or fountain.
Height: 85.7cm (33¾ ins)
Bowl diameter: 57.6cm (22½ ins)
Bowl depth: 11.4cm (4½ cm)
Square base: 40.6cm (16 ins)
For example, the George IV urn
is particularly suited to the C4900
Code C5900B
They are also widely used in our
extensive range of fountains.
Code C2000
See page 78 for the full range
of pedestals.
Lion Pedestal
Roman Urn
Richmond Urn
A rectangular pedestal with
a lion mask on one face.
A pleasingly simple urn that can
be used indoors or in the garden.
Small version of our Kew urn.
Additional masks can be added.
Height: 37.0cm (14½ ins)
Diameter: 27.0cm (10½ ins)
Square base: 12.5cm (5 ins)
Total height: 59.8cm (23½ ins)
Shaft height: 49.4cm (19½ ins)
Base height: 10.4cm (4 ins)
Square base: 31cm (12¼ ins)
Code C4900 with lion mask
Height: 36.8cm (14½ ins)
Top diameter: 35.6cm (14 ins)
Width inc. handles: 43.2cm (17 ins)
Base diameter: 22.8cm (9 ins)
Code CD2
Also works well as a fountain.
Height: 35.0cm (13¾ ins)
Diameter: 57.0cm (22½ ins)
Square base: 22.0cm (8¾ ins)
Code C2180

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