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This page describes our Cookie Policy for Paperturn (


Our Cookie Policy applies to our website (, our branded pages on third party platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.), and applications accessed or used through such websites or third party platforms which are operated by or on behalf of Paperturn.

By using Paperturn, you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to our use of cookies in this way, you should set your browser settings accordingly (see below) or not use the Paperturn site.

Okay, so what are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application.


Paperturn uses cookies in the following ways:

  • Remember information about you, so you don’t have to give it to us again, and again, and again..
  • Keep you signed in, even on different devices
  • Compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how you use Paperturn and to help us improve your structure and content. We cannot identify you personally from this information.
  • Help us personalise Paperturn for you by remembering your preferences and settings.
  • For online behavioural advertising. For this information, we allow 3rd parties to place cookies on our website. For example - Facebook and Google Analytics/AdWords.


What types of cookies are there and which ones do we use?


Simply put, there are two types of cookies:


  • Persistent cookies - remain on a user’s device for a set period of time specified in the cookie. They are activated each time that the user visits the website that created that particular cookie.
  • Session cookies -  are temporary. They allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser session starts when a user opens the browser window and finishes when they close the browser window. Once you close the browser, all session cookies are deleted.

Which can then be broken down into “first party” cookies and “third-party” cookies:


  • A “first-party” cookie is a cookie set by Paperturn on Paperturn’s website.
  • A “third-party” cookie is a cookie set by a third party on Paperturn’s website. For example, a Google Analytics cookie on Paperturn’s website.

Paperturn’s website uses all 4 types of cookies.



Functions of Cookies on Paperturn

Cookies also have, broadly speaking, four different functions and can be categorised as followed: 


  • ‘strictly necessary’ cookies
  • ‘performance’ cookies
  • ‘functionality’ cookies 
  • ‘targeting’ or ‘advertising’ cookies



Type of Cookie  What do they do?   Do these cookies collect my personal data / identify me?
Strictly Necessary
(First-party cookie, session and persistent)

 These cookies are essential to make Paperturn work correctly; they enable you to move around our website and use our features. Examples include remembering previous actions (e.g. entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same session. These cookies don’t identify you as an individual.

If you do not accept these cookies, it may significantly affect the performance of the website, or parts of it.
(First and third-party cookies, session and persistent)

 These cookies help us carry out web-analytics and understand how visitors interact with Paperturn by providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the website, and any issues encountered, such as error messages. This helps us improve the performance of our websites. These cookies don’t identify you as an individual. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously by Paperturn and its 3rd-party providers.

We do not allow the third parties to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed.

(First and third-party cookie, session and persistent)
 These cookies allow our website to remember the choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) to provide a more personalised online experience. They can also enable visitors to watch videos and engage with social tools, such as blogs.
 The information these cookies collect may include personally identifiable information that you have disclosed, such as your username or profile picture. This information is securely stored and kept strictly confidential.

If you do not accept these cookies, it may affect the performance and functionality of Paperturn and may restrict access to content on the website.

Targeting / advertising
(First and third-party cookies, session and persistent)
 These cookies are used to deliver content that is more relevant to you and your interests. They may be used to deliver targeted advertising or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement.

They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Paperturn and 3rd party advertising websites.
 Most types of these cookies track consumers via their IP address and therefore may collect some personal identifiable information.

All personal identifiable information is securely stored by both us and our 3rd party advertisers. We do not allow the third party to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed above.

Please visit our GDPR and Privacy Policy for more information.

Paperturn’s Third Party Analytics and Providers’ Privacy Policies:


How to control cookies or withdraw consent?

You have the right and ability to completely disable cookies in your browser at any time.

You should be aware that any preferences will be lost if you delete cookies and many websites will not work properly or you will lose some functionality. We do not recommend turning cookies off when using Paperturn for these reasons.

Most browsers accept first-party cookies automatically, but you can alter the settings of your browser to erase cookies, prevent automatic acceptance, block third party cookies, reject all cookies etc., if you prefer.

To assist you in this process, we have provided links to the “Help” section for Cookie management for some of the most popular web browsers:



More Information About Cookies


All About Cookies

​Useful information about cookies can be found at:

Internet Advertising Bureau
A guide to behavioural advertising and online privacy has been produced by the internet advertising industry which can be found at:

This cookie policy was last updated Tuesday May 15th, 2018.


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