Product presentation

If you have a PDF file, in which your products are presented, you can quickly and automatically create an online product presentation by using Paperturn.  Your products will be presented to the highest of standards, and your online product presentation will reach potential online customers in an attractive, effective and user friendly format.

Online product presentation

Make your pdf a product presentation with PaperturnTypically, great effort is put into creating product presentations which are distributed physically at fairs, displays, sales meetings, etc., and it would be extremely beneficial to use the same information powerfully presented online as well. 

Despite the fact that many companies have great material as PDF files (containing product presentations), this existing material is often not published online, because many people feel that a PDF file does not look presentable enough for online use.  For this reason, Paperturn has developed online software that can automatically turn a PDF file (containing a product presentation) into an elegant online product presentation.  

The transformation achieved using Paperturn ensures that the content of your PDF file is set up to look and feel like a physical catalog, and it is further enhanced by our visually catchy "flipping page turn effect" - your product presentation is elegant and professional and your products are displayed at the high standard which they deserve.

Get your product presentation seen online

By using Paperturn, an online product presentation is created which can reach potential online customers extremely effectively. Unlike product presentations created for physical meetings, this online product presentation can reach huge audiences - as ensured by our design, which creates a product presentation which has been optimized for being found in Google.
Paperturn's Google optimization means that the content of your online product presentation is technically delimited so that it can be found with specific searches. This means that Google searches for certain content lead directly to the pages in which the searched for content appears - users are not just led to a comprehensive file that they would have to scroll through in order to find what they are searching for. 

Additionally, Paperturn has various options for adding keywords, descriptions, etc. within your product presentation content which will be picked up in Google searches – meaning that there is an increased likelihood that your online product presentation will be found when the users search in Google for it, or when they search using keywords for the subjects that it covers.

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Let customers find specific content within your product presentation

Let customers find specific content within your product presentationIf you have an online product presentation that contains both suggestions for the use of a product (with mood pictures, etc.) and specific instructions on how to use the product, then your users can go to the specific content they are searching for.

Users who find your product presentation in Google have proactively searched for the content in Google on their own initiative - often, those who find your online product presentation though Google are potential new customers, but they can also be people who were at a physical meeting and would like to follow up on the meeting by searching for material online.  Either way, it is crucial that a great product presentation is accessible online to meet the demands of (potential) customers, and which presents your products at the level that they deserve. If you don't have a great product presentation online, you risk users finding simple descriptions of the products on random websites.

Create a product catalog

When you create an online product presentation with Paperturn, the procedure is automatic, easy and quick.  Your PDF file will be converted into an attractive, professional product presentation with the look and feel of a physical catalog, and which will reach (new) online customers effectively. 

Of course Paperturn is not limited to the creation of just a single product presentation per account; it is possible to create several online product presentations if you want to.

The procedure runs online and works by automated processes.

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