Company information

A PDF file with company information can be transformed into online company information that appears highly professional and presentable, and which at the same time creates an opportunity to draw in customers. The result is produced without any active development; Paperturn automatically creates online company information based on your existing PDF file.

Online company information

With Paperturn you can convert you pdf into an online company informationIf you have an existing PDF file containing your company information, you can automatically generate online company information which appears highly professional and presentable. Company information often contains the most fundamental and significant information about a company, which is why a professional and presentable appearance is crucial.
Your online company information will benefit from design which aims to give your readers an experience close to that of a catalog - and not a file. The pages will face each other, like a real catalog, and our fluid ‘flip page turn’ effect makes it possible to turn the pages in a realistic way.
If you have a PDF file containing your company information, such as: contact information, address, telephone number, key figures, company structure, ownership etc., using Paperturn will make you able to very easily place this information online, in a presentable, professional manner.  Paperturn may even increase the chances of customers getting in contact with your company as a result of the online company information.

An opportunity to draw in customers 

An opportunity to draw in customersThe creation of online company information can attract attention from potential online customers. Your online company information will benefit from design which was created to achieve high visibility within Google when users search in Google using key words that appear in your online company information. Because of Paperturn's unique design, if a user searches for an area of business that is described in your online company information, the possibility of your online company information being found is significantly increased. In this way, the role of your online company information will not just be to inform existing customers, it will also attract attention from potential new customers.
In addition to the potential for being found in Google, the creation of online company information is a way of attaining quality content for a website. In this way, a website can be updated with new quality content without engaging a copywriter, a graphic designer etc., because new content is based on your existing PDF files.


Relevant attention

The potential for distributing your online company information is of course not limited to publication on websites; it could also be very useful for sharing your online company information on LinkedIn. Many companies have difficulty in creating quality, business-like content for LinkedIn. Your Paperturn online company information would be highly presentable, and very professional in appearance: completely in keeping with - and ideal for sharing on - LinkedIn.
When followers on LinkedIn see your attractive and professional online company information, more attention will potentially be directed towards your company, possibly resulting in customer inquiries. At any rate, the attention to your company will be relevant because the online company information is in accordance with the nature of the platform on which it is shared; the online company information is not inappropriate "noise" for the sake of attention.

How to create online company information

Paperturn has been developed specifically for the purpose of making it easy to create online company information. Therefore, the use of Paperturn does not involve an active production of the online company information; the result is produced via automated processes. In this way, creating online company information is only a matter of creating a Paperturn account and uploading your PDF file.

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